Harvests fast approaching

During August we tend to say that it is the weather which is working on the vineyards, but when September arrives, humans get to work! All teams are preparing for the major harvest season, keeping a close eye on the fruit to ensure that it is harvested at perfect ripeness with the optimum balance between sugar and acidity: too early and the fruit will be lacking in sugar, too late and the sugar levels will be too high. Did you know that ‘harvest’ has more than one meaning? The harvest is the period when grapes are gathered for wine production, determining which vintage will appear on the label.

In addition, harvest is the term used to describe the grapes picked. In France, harvest start dates are defined by a prefectural decree for each AOC, and winemakers can begin harvesting on this date or choose to wait a while if they believe that their grapes are not yet sufficiently ripe. Follow us on our social network sites for regular news updates during September!

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