Andreas Larsson is a Swedish sommelier who was elected World’s Best Sommelier in 2007. Above all, he is an enthusiastic supporter of blind tasting as being the only real way to taste wine.  The total impartiality of blind tasting allows tasters to focus exclusively on their senses, without preconceived ideas about the wine influencing their judgement.

Consequently, when Larsson selected approximately 400 great Bordeaux wines in the 2016 vintage to be blind tasted, the whole wine trade couldn’t wait to hear his verdict.

The results have just been announced, and one of the top 100 vintages is Rives Entre-deux-Mers, receiving a score of 89 out of 100, and a very nice tasting commentary: “Pale straw color with a copper hue. Bright and fresh nose without oak, showing ripe citrus, grape pale stone fruit and some herbal notes. The palate is pure, fresh and vibrant with medium body, a youthful acidity, good bite and a rather long sapid finish.”

Order it without further ado, to pair with seafood and fish, and springtime appetizers, not before long…

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